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19 Jun 2018

Mid-summer party ideas

Summer solstice party drinks

This Thursday is the first day of Summer. The Summer solstice or longest day – often mis-described as mid-Summer – is an ancient day of celebration. Why not join in with your own summer solstice party?

There are plenty of beautiful places to go around the country where you can watch the sunrise. You could try Avebury, Stonehenge, Glastonbury Tor or take to the hills in the Lake District.

But we can’t all travel to watch the sunrise, so here are a few ideas to help you to mark the changing season and welcome the start of true summer at home.

  • For the most part you will be outside in the garden, weather permitting. Give your guests flower crowns to wear.
  • Have a Solstice feast – use locally sourced seasonal foods.
  • For drinks, serve refreshing light beers, a glass of chilled white wine or bright cocktails based on sherry, elderflower wine/liqueur and aquavit.
  • Serve a Swedish smorgasbord of sea food and smoked fish with potato salad.
  • Bake a sponge cake and smother it in cream and summer fruit.
  • As the dusk begins to fall light up your garden with some beautiful exterior lighting.
  • If you have space, have a solstice bonfire. Beat drums, dance and sing to welcome the start of summer. But do think of the neighbours!
The longest day of the year is believed by some to be a time when the veil between the real world and the faery world is at its thinnest. It’s a time of strange and mystical happenings. Why not have a fairy-themed party – or if you’re feeling a bit more grown up and cultured, what about a Shakespeare theme based on A Midsummer Night’s Dream?

    18 Jun 2018

    More chances to win!

    We have extended the closing date for the survey into house-buying that we are running with leading media organisations.

    Searching for a new home

    You now have until 30 July to let us know what you think about houses and housebuilders – and to put your name into a draw to win £500.

    We have created an online questionnaire here ( to capture the thoughts and experiences of people who have bought – or who are trying to buy – a new home.

    It takes less than ten minutes to complete and, as an incentive to take part, we are offering a £500 prize to one lucky winner. People who are willing to take part in a brief follow-up telephone survey will be entered into a second draw for an additional £500 prize.

    Larkfleet Homes CEO Karl Hick said: “We are keen to hear from anyone currently searching for a new house or who has purchased a new house in the past twelve months.

    “Whether your search and purchase involved a brand-new home or an established property, and whether you looked at a Larkfleet home or not, your views will help to shape the way we meet the needs of home buyers in the future.”

    17 Jun 2018

    Summer with a swing - go to a festival

    festival season Larkfleet Homes
    Festival season is on us. From now through to the end of September up and down the UK people are attending festivals of all kinds. There is a festival for just about every interest.

    Festivals for the family
    Geronimo Festival at Knebworth House 30 June-1 July – is billed as the ‘ultimate family festival in the UK’ according to its organisers.
    The line-up includes many children’s TV favourites including Justin Fletcher, Cook and Line, Mr Bloom, Katy Ashworth and Sid & Rebecca. There are all kinds of events to keep everyone entertained. Watch jousting knights, a stunt show and the Rajasthan Superstars among all manner of other attractions. Check out the festival website here for more information and tickets 

    Cornbury Music Festival 13-15 July – It’s an open-air party with plenty of free activities for the kids. Its designed with the whole family in mind. In addition to top-notch music from bands like Squeeze and UB40, Si King and Dave Myers – The Hairy Bikers – will be laying on a feast and the Kids Zone includes circus skills, arts and crafts, yoga, den building and various shows. Visit the Cornbury website for more info and tickets

    Latitude 12-15 July – is a music and arts festival held near Southwold in Suffolk. Now in its 12th year, the festival is designed for the whole family. There are areas for younger kids and teens as well as an enchanted garden and activities for schools. The festival has won awards for Best Family Festival and Best Family Day Out in the past. For tickets and info visit

    Valley Fest 3-5 August – where the kids can run wild. This family friendly festival in the Chew Valley just south of Bristol has lots of great music, good food and entertainment for everyone. Here is more information about what’s on and where to buy tickets. 

    For more info and wide range of family friendly festivals visit

    Festivals for older people
    Some us might prefer festivals where there aren’t lots of young kids running around. Here are a few to consider.

    Stour Music 2018 22 June-1 July – a festival of early music for the classical fan. Visit for details.

    Burton Agnes Jazz and Blues festival 13-15 July – Visit for the full line-up, tickets and info.

    Henley-on-Thames Festival 11-15 July – Plenty of art, music and comedy is on offer. It's a place to soak up the atmosphere and be entertained whilst experiencing a vibrant programme from pop to world music, classical to jazz, blues to ‘street’ musicians, where art, comedy and gastronomy share equal billing with music. There is a dress code. It’s strictly black-tie for the men and evening wear, long or short, for the women. For more details visit

    There are lots of festivals on up and down the country, so you’re bound to find something to suit.

    There are also many special interest festivals that cover all manner of hobbies and pastimes such as vintage cycling, cars and motorcycles or mountaineering.

    15 Jun 2018

    Enjoying the perfect picnic

    Larkfleet Homes perfect picnic
    As the Spring gives way to summer lots of us at Larkfleet like to get out and about in the beautiful countryside to enjoy nature and a lovely picnic.

    There’s nothing more enjoyable on a summer’s day than a picnic by a babbling stream, grassy meadow or by a shady wood.

    But what makes a great picnic for all the family to enjoy? There’s plenty of food on offer at the supermarket that can make excellent picnic fayre. Most supermarkets have wide ranges of picnic food including sandwiches, quiches and cold pies, deli cooked meats and dips, crisps, snacks, sweets, desserts and drinks.

    The choice is bewildering, but it’s all about getting the food combinations right. The classic British picnic would include things like Scotch eggs and sausage rolls with condiments such as mustard.

    What about a shredded, slow-cooked ham hock in a jerk sauce served with crusty bread? Take some freshly dressed salad in tightly sealed containers. These will go well with any cold cuts, pies or fish that you feel like serving.

    Desserts could include the classic Eton mess. Take along a whole meringue, or buy smaller individual ones, take cream and fruit and smash them up into cups to create individual desserts.

    Take some wine or cold beers and something soft for the kids and you have the makings of a perfect afternoon in the great outdoors.

    You’re going to need something to carry all your goodies in. Outlets like Go Outdoors and Cotswolds Outdoor have ranges of picnic sets and blankets and the seasonal sections at most of the major supermarkets will have plenty of picnic gear available.

    Just get out there in the summer sun and enjoy the weather while it lasts.

    And if there is time in your schedule for the day, why not fit in a trip to a show home? Well, we would say that, of course!

    13 Jun 2018

    Why not treat Dad this Father's Day

    Fathers Day Larkfleet HomesFathers’ Day is just around the corner. While it’s less well observed than Mothers’ Day, even us chaps deserve a bit of a pamper once in a while.

    Fathers’ Day has its origins in the good old US of A. There are two versions of the first Fathers’ Day.

    According to some accounts, the first Father’s Day was celebrated in Washington state on June 19, 1910 after a lady called Sonora Smart Dodd came up with the idea of honouring and celebrating her Civil War veteran widowed father while listening to a Mother’s Day sermon at church in 1909. He brought up six children by himself on their small farm in Washington. Sonora initially suggested June 5th, the anniversary of her father’s death to be the designated day to celebrate Father’s Day, but the celebration in Spokane, Washington was deferred to the third Sunday in June.

    The other has it that the first Fathers’ Day was celebrated in Fairmont, West Virginia on July 5, 1908 when Grace Golden Clayton suggested to the Methodist minister that services be held to celebrate fathers after a deadly mine explosion killed 361 men.

    In 1924, President Calvin Coolidge recommended that Father’s Day become a national holiday. But it wasn’t until 1966 that Lyndon B. Johnson designated the third Sunday in June as the official day to celebrate Father’s Day. It took another six years until Father’s Day was officially recognized as a national holiday in the US.

    More recently other countries have followed suit and the third Sunday in June has been designated as Fathers' Day in the UK and many other countries around the world.

    Now you know a little of the origins of Fathers' Day, here are a few ideas to help you give the dad in your life a bit of treat this coming Sunday.

    Not on the High Street has plenty of ideas including loads of things for those on a budget.

    The Daily Express online has various ideas for Fathers’ Day gifts including a sky dive experience, driving days and home brewing kits.

    And for the father who is relocating, why not have a look at one of our show homes and then take him out for a pub lunch?

    Whatever you do have a great day! Happy Fathers' Day from the team at Larkfleet Homes.

    10 Jun 2018

    A few ideas for summer entertaining al fresco

    Larkfleet Homes outdoor entertaining summer
    There’s something primal about a real fire. Watching the flames dance or gazing into glowing embers seem to satisfy some ancient instinct.

     Get yourself a firepit or a chimenea – entertain and enjoy the light of a real fire late into a summer evening.

    If you don’t fancy sitting around a fire singing and telling stories – what about hosting a movie night? Get a big screen and show your favourite movie. Make sure the screen is under cover, just in case.

    Keep everything simple – create yourself a self-service station for cutlery, plates, napkins, cups, straws and condiments.

    Exterior lighting around a gazebo can create a magical atmosphere. Use fairy lights, a string of traditional lightbulbs or paper lanterns. There are some great exterior lighting ideas to be found on Pinterest.

    Got kids coming? Have a selection of garden toys and game at the ready. You could also set up a special area for the young people to use to get crafting, painting, making slime or just generally getting messy.

    As the sun goes down, the bugs come out. Protect food against insects. Forget about sugary canned drinks. You might also get some citronella candles. They smell great and keep the bugs at bay.

    Make sure your food is suitable for outdoor eating. Fire up the BBQ for sausages, steaks and kebabs. Lots of finger foods are great.

    There are lots of ideas on the internet. Just have a quick Google and you’ll not be stuck for ideas.

    09 Jun 2018

    Gardening jobs for June

    Larkfleet Homes June Gardening low maintenance
    As summertime starts to bloom its time to get on top of the garden. The growing season is a very busy time for the green fingered among us.

    But not everyone is that keen on gardening. That’s when some low maintenance options come in handy.

    Here are the top 10 tasks for the garden this month according to the Royal Horticultural Society:

    1. Hoe your borders regularly to keep on top of the weeds
    2. Take care with water usage, especially during dry spells
    3. Pinch out side shoots on tomato plants
    4. Harvest salad plants like lettuce, radish and early potatoes
    5. Put out your hanging baskets and patio containers
    6. Mow lawns at least once a week
    7. Plant out summer bedding
    8. Stake all tall, floppy plants
    9. Prune Spring flowering shrubs
    10. Add shading to greenhouses to avoid scorching plants and to keep them cool during hot weather
    There is plenty of extra advice for summer growing on the RHS website.

    If gardening is not your thing but you still want to enjoy your outdoor space, there are some low maintenance options:
    • Plenty of patio paving
    • Take a minimal approach and use unfussy sturdy plants
    • Section off a wild area of the garden where you let the grass and weeds grow to provide a wildlife habitat
    • Consider adding a water feature
    • Use shrubs on borders instead of seasonal bedding plants
    • Spread mulch or wood chips on beds to supress weeds and keep moisture in the soil
    • Plant some hardy perennials such as lavender - it’s good to look at, requires less work and is great for bees, butterflies and moths
    • Hardy evergreen shrubs are a great choice because they require little care once established
    • If the lawn is getting too much, be more relaxed about weeds and don’t worry about collecting clippings - maybe even consider laying artificial turf!
    Again, the RHS has some good advice on how to develop and care for a low maintenance garden.

    Whatever you choose, we hope you enjoy your summer.

    05 Jun 2018

    Get your shed organised for summer

    Larkfleet Homes organise shed tools declutter
    Most of us will have a garden shed of some kind. If you are anything like us in the team here at Larkfleet we think it’s fair to say that it will mostly be full of gardening equipment and old junk that we don’t want in the house but can’t bring ourselves to part with.

    As summer comes on, now is a good time to think about reorganising our sheds to make the most of the space.

    First things first. Sort through your stuff and work out what is essential and what isn’t. Make a list and then separate your things into piles – what you will use, what you can throw away and what you can sell or give away. After all, do you really need two strimmers?

    Then, sort your stuff into tools that you use regularly and equipment that you only use occasionally. Create shelving and hangers so that you can store the tools you use most often at eye level where they are easy to find. Long-handled tools like forks, hoes, rakes and spades can hang on the walls.

    You could make hooks or magnetic strips to fix to the wall where you can store smaller tools like screwdrivers and pliers.

    Use door hanging baskets to place smaller items, bottle and sprays to keep them safe and all together.

    Have look at the space over your head. Consider creating overhead storage where you can put the things you use less often. Also, if you have bulky items to store in the shed, such as bikes, think about hanging these from the ceiling or on wall brackets.

    To keep hand tools tidy, create a classic tool wall with hangers and outlines of your tools so you know that there is a place for everything and it’s easy to put everything back in its place. Peg boards are also a cheap way of doing this and will be more flexible as your collection of tools grows over time.

    Repurpose any old furniture that you have in the home. You may have an old dresser or chest of drawers that would make a fine storage unit for all manner of odds and ends.

    Keep your shed as clean as possible and make sure your floor space is tidy and free of obstructions.

    Remember to label jars and containers that you use. Don’t put chemicals and dangerous liquids in bottles that appear attractive to kids and always leave this kind of stuff out of reach.

    Houzz has some more tips and inspiration on getting you shed into tip top condition this summer.

    04 Jun 2018

    Make the most of outdoor living this summer

    Larkfleet Homes outdoor living BBQ
    We enjoyed two fantastic Bank Holiday weekends last month when the weather was fabulous.

    Many of us have been able to get outside and enjoy some sunshine, which, let’s face it, can be something of a rarity in this country.

    The weekend has gone but there’s still plenty of summer left to get out and enjoy outdoor living in your garden.

    Make the most of your garden space, whether you’re entertaining, dining al fresco or simply kicking back with a good read and a drink!

    Create a cooking and dining space with a pergola that’s wired for lighting and heating. There are all sorts of outdoor ovens, chimeneas and firepits on the market. Here are some examples.

    Outdoor entertaining is perfect if you lack space inside. Create the perfect dedicated area with mood lighting and comfortable furniture. Add a sunken fire pit, BBQ or pizza oven and you’re away.

    Create a space that’s not just for eating and entertainment but also a place for relaxation and lounging around with furniture which combines both with a sense of style, flexibility and outstanding design.
    Chill out and eat supper in the same place. Roomy sofas and chairs are perfect for relaxing with your guests after dinner, to while away the evening and watch the setting sun.

    Resin weave furniture is trending now, but don’t forget solid all-weather aluminium sofas and chairs.

    Add some finishing touches with lanterns and other accessories and you’re there!

    Have a look at this website for more outdoor living ideas

    03 Jun 2018

    Making hay while the sun shines

    Sun in the sky - free solar energy for Larkfleet homes
    We like to talk of ‘greener’ lifestyles – recycling, electric vehicles and solar panels to name a few ideas. But, the sad reality is that very few people fully embrace this environmentally friendly way of life.

    There’s no doubt, making the shift to a greener way of living requires a change in mindset. And often, it requires a financial investment too. Cleaner vehicles and less reliance on standard utilities for heat, light and water are the easiest ways to make a change in the right direction. But they come with an associated, premium price tag.

    Despite this, retrospective fitting of solar panels has become more and more popular in recent years. Households are benefitting from lower energy bills – while their peers battle price hikes – thanks to the energy generated from their own rooftops.

    However, while car manufacturers are being (forcefully) encouraged to build greener and more economic vehicles, the majority of house builders aren’t doing their bit by fitting eco-friendly features, such as PV solar panels, as standard.

    As one of the simplest ways to make a small, but important environmental contribution, the addition of PV solar panels to new build properties could help the much-needed wave-of-change.

    Granted, not all properties are well suited to solar panels; thatched rooves for example are not the ideal base. And, not all properties will generate as much energy from their panels as others – direction of the roof in relation to the sun, overhanging trees and available daylight hours all contribute to the natural variations. But – as they say – every little helps. 

    Of course, the energy-saving opportunities don’t need to stop there either. Simple changes to standard fittings, like energy saving lighting and energy saving appliances all add up. Make sure you have ample insulation too, and you’re starting to make an impact on all sides. You can save energy on one hand, while generating it (and preserving it) on the other. The combined effect is good news for the environment … and our wallets!

    So, while some house builders see solar panels as an expensive addition, at Larkfleet Homes we have decided to take a definitive step and offer PV solar panels as standard, completely free of charge on all suitable new properties.

    Understanding that a fundamental change in mindset requires an investment of either time, money, education – or all of the above – helping new build house buyers to become eco-friendlier is a no-brainer for Larkfleet. And it’s a commitment we continue to stand by as we look for new ways to continually improve the 'green rating' of our properties.

    02 Jun 2018

    Helping to bridge the skills gap one step at a time

    Larkfleet Homes Skills Pledge
    Last year we pledged to work with our subcontractors to recruit and train more people to the highest standards. The idea is to tackle ‘head on’ the pressing building industry skills gap in the East Midlands and East of England.

    The Home Building Skills Pledge is a set of five key actions developed by the Home Builders Federation (HBF) through its Home Building Skills Partnership to solve a nationwide skills shortage. It also recognises the importance of ‘future-proofing’ workforce skills by developing new ways for people to enter the building industry as well as developing existing talent with the industry.

    The Skills Pledge covers five key areas: Collaborate and share; Train to a standard; Engage and support; Champion diversity and inclusion; and Promote careers. By signing up to the Pledge, companies will also be supporting the HBF’s Home Building Skills Partnership and working to its shared goals.

    We are delighted to be supporting the Home Building Skills Pledge and being part of the growing momentum for really tackling this crucial agenda. It is vital to nurture the future of the construction industry if we are to build the homes that the country needs.

    By signing up to the pledge we are committing Larkfleet Homes to recruit the best possible talent and to train people to the highest standards. By being proactive in terms of engaging staff, and by being inclusive and diverse in our recruitment, we will be able to future-proof our workforce to continue to deliver high quality new homes.

    We are already a major investor in training and skills development. We are one of the sponsors of the newly-opened Greater Peterborough University Technical College which aims to give young people ‘hands on’ as well as theoretical training for careers in the engineering and construction sectors.

    The Home Building Skills Partnership is funded by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) and was set up to tackle the industry’s skills shortage. It is already attracting and training the people the industry needs to deliver more, high quality homes in the future.

    The key is promoting awareness of careers available in housebuilding. Visit the HBF website to check out your career options in housebuilding.

    01 Jun 2018

    Cheers for the beers

    Larkfleet Homes Spalding Beer and Music Festival 2018
    Last weekend we got to indulge in three things close to our hearts – holiday, beer and music. To help the end of May Bank Holiday weekend go with a swing the Larkfleet team sponsored a barrel of ale at the Spalding Beer and Music Festival.

    To celebrate, we held a competition on our Facebook page. Three lucky winners were treated to a pair of free tickets to the event and cash to spend behind the bar.

    The event was organised by the Spalding and District Round Table. Everyone who attended supported loads of very worthy causes. Around £15,000 was raised and will be donated to local good youth causes over the next few months.

    It’s not just about the money though. More than 150 beer festival volunteers – or volunbeers as they are known - served well over 12,000 pints to more than 4,500 happy patrons who went along to the Castle Sports Complex in Spalding to join in the fun.

    There were 70 different real ales from 29 different breweries on offer to suit most tastes. A range of real ciders also proved popular.

    To keep everyone entertained there was plenty of live music throughout the weekend. The line-up included local singer-songwriter Meg McPartlin, comedy skiffle outfit The Ouse Valley Singles Club, Another Girl Another Planet, The Chris King Robinson Band and The Hound Dogs.

    Festival organisers received some amazing feedback. They have created a very special event for the community of Spalding which will hopefully become a permanent fixture in people's diaries from now on.


    24 May 2018

    How to be a good neighbour

    Larkfleet Homes be a good neighbour
    Tomorrow (Friday 25 May) is European Neighbours Day. Neighbours' Day keeps growing with new partners. The celebration is the opportunity to reconnect with the values of solidarity, conviviality and friendship that should be at the forefront of neighbourly relations.

    The initiative, originally set up in Paris in 1999, aims to foster community cohesion and create better neighbourhoods where people enjoy living.

    The day is about coming together with neighbours in a community activity, which could be anything
    from enjoying a communal lunch to watching a sporting event or movie together as a community.

    You don’t need to confine your neighbourliness to just one day though.

    The Larkfleet Homes team has put together a few tips on being a good neighbour when you move into one of our developments.

    • Introduce yourself to your neighbours when you move in and establish a good relationship. Getting to know one another will help should any problems arise.
    • Volunteer in your local community. Whatever your interests, talents or skills may be, there are opportunities for everyone. It will impact positively on your life, as well as the lives of those you volunteer for. It offers you a chance to become involved in a project or with an organisation you really care about or develop a new skill. It's also a fantastic opportunity to meet new people.
    • Respect your neighbours. Try to keep noise to minimum and don’t leave litter on the streets – that’s not nice for anyone.
    • Love your home. Try and keep everything looking neat and tidy.
    • Register to vote. Make sure you’re engaged with local decision making so you can have an impact on local issues that will affect you.

    Make sure you get involved with the community as soon as you can after you move in. Keep yourself informed about community events like fetes, jumble sales and charity events. These are all excellent ways to get to know the members of your community, and really start to feel at home.

    Keep your neighbours in the loop. Be sure to let your neighbours know if your house is going to be empty for a considerable period such as holidays. This means they can keep an eye out for anything suspicious and that they know they are next to an empty property.

    Always let your neighbours know if you’re planning anything that may affect them, such as a party. Try to hold it at the weekend, keep the noise to a reasonable level, and agree a time to end it by. Make sure your friends leave quietly and you clear up any debris.

    Find out when the bin day is. It’s the local authority’s responsibility to provide a waste collection service, but as residents we all need to make sure that we help it run effectively. This is by far the issue that we hear up and down the country that irks residents the most. No-one wants a street with rows of overflowing bins.

    Keep pets under control. If you have a dog, make sure your garden is dog-proof, so your beloved pooch doesn’t poo all over your neighbour’s lawn. It you have a noisy dog, take steps to control it.

    Generally, be helpful and friendly!

    23 May 2018

    Join us at the Spalding Beer and Music Festival 2018

    Larkfleet Homes Spalding Beer Festival 2018
    We’re sponsoring a barrel of ale at the Spalding Beer festival. The festival starts on Friday 25 May and runs over the weekend until Sunday 27 May.

    To celebrate, we have launched a competition on our Facebook page.

    Visit and leave us a comment about your favourite beer for a chance to win two tickets and £10 to spend on beer.

    We will be enjoying a pint along with the locals at The Castle Sports Complex, Albion Street, Spalding.

    There will be a range of over 70 different real ales on offer to suit most tastes from 29 different breweries. A range of real ciders will also be available. The drinks menu is available here

    Live music will entertain the crowds throughout the weekend and the line-up includes local singer-songwriter Meg McPartlin, comedy skiffle outfit The Ouse Valley Singles Club, Another Girl Another Planet, The Chris King Robinson Band and The Hound Dogs. Click here for the full line-up. There will something for everybody.

    Go here to buy tickets. The beer festival has been organised by the Spalding and District Roundtable. You will be supporting loads of very worthy causes.

    We look forward to seeing you there.


    21 May 2018

    Why Buy New Poll – the results are in!

    Larkfleet Homes New Homes Week poll results
    As part of New Homes Week, we conducted a poll to find out why you prefer to buy a new home rather than an older home.

    The results are in. It turns out that over 90 per cent of you prefer a new home over an older property.
    Team New Build scored 91 per cent of the vote while Team Avocado Bathroom netted just nine per cent.

    There are many reasons why it is better to buy a new home than an older previously occupied home. There wasn’t a single reason that came to the fore, simply a mix of reasons.

    Here are just a few of them:

    A fresh start - A new home is fresh, bright and clean, untouched by previous owners, it provides a blank canvass on which to stamp your own style and personality from day one.

    Modern fixtures and fittings – New homes can be decorated to the latest design trends and feature up to date technology and kitchen and bathroom fittings.

    The price is right - Most house builders price their homes to sell swiftly and may offer generous incentives and help with moving costs to provide unbeatable value for money.

    Greener and cheaper - Today’s new homes are built to the latest environmental standards, are more energy efficient than older homes and could reduce utility bills by more than £500 a year.

    Peace of mind - The quality of house building construction and service has grown significantly in recent years. Many house builders provide a comprehensive customer-care service and added peace of mind is provided by the 10-year warranty issued by organisations such as the National House Building Council.

    Our poll demonstrates the many benefits of buying a new home. To find out more about new homes available in your area visit Larkfleet Homes.

    20 May 2018

    Larkfleet plans new housing in Eye

    We are launching a public consultation on proposals for a development of up to 280 new homes on land east of Eyebury Road, Eye, near Peterborough.

    The location of the proposed new Larkfleet Homes site on land east of Eyebury Road, Eye
    The proposed development would include primarily two-storey properties ranging from one to four-bedroom homes for first-time buyers and families. Some of the homes would be ‘affordable’ to assist those struggling to get onto the ‘property ladder’.

    The proposals would also provide additional land to allow for an extension to Eye Primary School and provide a new access to the school. 

    A letter is being distributed to local residents providing information about the proposals, along with details about a public exhibition which is being held on Tuesday 22 May, between 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm at Eye Primary School, Eyebury Road, Eye, PE6 7TD.

    Members of the development project team will be on hand at the exhibition to answer questions about the proposals and people will also be able to complete a feedback form with their comments.

    Mark Mann, planning director at Larkfleet Homes, said: “There is both a national and local need for new homes. The site has been allocated for housing by Peterborough City Council in the submission version of its new local plan and is key to helping meet housing needs in the area.

    “The new development in Eye would provide much-needed housing and we are keen to consult with local residents on these proposals. We would like to encourage people to attend the public exhibition on 22 May where they can ask questions and provide us with their feedback.”

    The proposed plans are also available to view online at

    People can also call 0800 975 5852 if they have any queries or e-mail

    The location of the proposed new Larkfleet Homes site on land east of Eyebury Road, Eye, is outlined in red on the plan.

    18 May 2018

    It’s competition time! Win £100 voucher

    New Homes Week photo competition #Larkfleet
    It’s Fun Friday. As part of New Homes Week we have launched a competition to celebrate.

    We're giving one lucky person the chance to bag themselves a voucher for notonthehighstreet worth £100!!

    To enter, SHARE on our Facebook or Twitter pages a picture to show your favourite room within your new build home (any new build home, not just a Larkfleet home) before Midnight on Sunday 20th May.

    You must tag #Larkfleet to enter the #competition - Good Luck!

    17 May 2018

    Throwback Thursday: What were new homes like in 1998?

    Larkfleet Homes Throwback Thursday
    Twenty years ago, the World Wide Web was still only seven years old, Google had just launched, and mobile phones still resembled bricks - and we used them to make calls. The average house price in the UK was £75,806 and annual inflation stood at 3.4 per cent.

    In 1998 just nine per cent of households had internet access, compared with over 90 per cent in 2018. Just 20 per cent of households owned at least one mobile phone and there were around eight million subscribers. That figure is now greater than 95 per cent with around 90 million subscribers.

    In the 1990s we were in love with quirky furniture like Japanese futons and inflatable armchairs from the US. Kitchens tended to be orange coloured pine with granite tops and walls were stencilled. Bathrooms often featured a corner bath, bedrooms featured floor to ceiling mirrors and bold floral patterns were everywhere.

    The 1990s saw a range of colours from aqua marine, peach, lemon yellow and camo colours, reflecting the grunge and graffiti zeitgeist and the calming nature of zen as well-being began to increase in importance in people’s lives.

    As Sunday trading laws relaxed in the 1990s and out of town shopping centres sprang up, DIY boomed. People spent more time and money on home improvement.

    Our outdoor living spaces became more important to us in the 1990s. TV programmes like Changing Rooms and Ground Force became so popular that B&Q’s sales of decking increased from 5,000 to 16 million units by the end of the 1990s.

    Home tech such as microwaves, DVDs and CD players increased. Computer games consoles from Sega, Sony and Nintendo were becoming ubiquitous. Apple launched the iMac in 1998 but Windows from Microsoft still dominated the burgeoning home computing market.

    On the drive, cars included the Ford Fiesta, Ford Mondeo, Vectra, Astra Corsa and car of the year the Ford Focus. Peugeot launched the 206 and in the affordable luxury/executive car bracket Jaguar launched its new S-type, designed to compete with the ever-popular BMW 5 Series. Audi launched its TT coupe and roadster models while Volkswagen unveiled a new VW Golf-based version of its Beetle – still popular 20 years on.

    Popular culture in the 1990s was as eclectic as ever and heavily influenced by the US. In music 1998 was the year Robbie Williams was entertaining you, Fresh Prince was getting Jiggy wit’ it and Celine Dion’s heart went on, and on and on…

    On TV young adults (and some older ones) were enjoying South Park and Buffy the Vampire Slayer while children’s favourite The Wombles made a comeback. Comedy classic The Royle family debuted while soaps introduced storylines which began to challenge society rather than simply entertain. Coronation Street introduced the first transsexual character in a British soap while EastEnders’ memorable Mark Fowler HIV storyline ran on. If that wasn’t depressing enough we also watched England crash out of another World Cup Final at France ’98.

    Much of what began in the late 1990s remains today in more sophisticated forms. The 1990s set the basis for what we see today in modern homes. Broadband has replaced internet dial-up in our homes. TV is on-demand and Virtual Reality assistants like Siri and Cortana help us to shop and fill our fridges and cupboards with groceries. In fact, most of us do the bulk of our shopping online now.

    New homes, which began to be built in more sustainable ways in 1998, now often feature solar panels - a standard feature of new Larkfleet and Allison homes - and other energy saving features include ground and air source heat pumps.

    Hybrid and electric cars such as the Toyota Prius or Tesla are likely to be seen on our driveways as electric charging points are fitted in integrated garages.

    All in all, we have come a long way in 20 years – although we need to slow down and look around to realise it.

    16 May 2018

    Help shape the future of housebuilding during New Homes Week – you could win a Grand?

    Larkfleet Homes new homes survey
    This week is New Homes Week – a week-long event organised by the Home Builders’ Federation to promote the advantages of buying a new build home. Alongside other activities we are running a survey to get the thoughts and experiences of house buyers.

    We are keen to hear from anyone currently searching for a new house or who has purchased a new house in the past twelve months.

    Go to to take part in the survey.

    Complete the survey and we will enter you into our prize draw for a chance to win £500. Agree to a follow up interview and you will be entered in a second draw to win a further £500.

    The Larkfleet Homes team is always working to develop new ways to provide the best possible products and services to our customers. We want to know what house buyers really think of the housing market and what they want from housebuilders like us.

    Your views will help to shape the way we meet the needs of home buyers in the future.

    We have teamed up leading media organisations First Time Buyer Magazine, What House and What Mortgage to develop and deliver a comprehensive survey to find out what you, our customer, is really looking for in a new home.

    The survey covers everything from the type of property people are looking to buy or have bought (whether it’s for their own use or an investment) through to topics such as location, size and energy efficiency.

    It takes less than ten minutes to complete at The survey is being managed by independent marketing company OlsenMetrix Marketing and all the data collected will be anonymous.

    16 May 2018

    Storage solutions

    New Homes Week Wednesday Wisdom storage solutions
    One of the things you might be short of when you move into your new home is adequate storage for your stuff. Once you have been through your moving day checklist and decluttered you may still may still have things that at first glance you don’t appear to have room for.

    This where a few creative storage solutions will come in handy.

    One of the items you may have a lot of are books. They make an excellent way to decorate your living room or home office.

    But how do you store all those colourful hardbacks and paperbacks. Here are few tips on things that you can do to store your books and enhance your living space at the same time:
    • Use modular shelving to create interesting patterns with your books.
    • You could buy a traditional bookcase to match your furnishings.
    • Use single shelves with imaginative bookends to keep your volumes in order.
    • If you have a lot of books with plain colour spines, colour code your books in order on the shelf so that they match the spectrum to give you rainbow of colour – red, orange, green, blue, indigo and violet.
    • Use random unused spaces to insert book shelves - like under the stairs, or even incorporate shelves into your stairs.
    • Get a free-standing three-dimensional shelf unit that you can walk around.
    • Add some interest to your living space by using shelves constructed at interesting angles.
    • Upcycle other items such as old wooden step ladders. Open them out and span shelving between the steps to create a quirky book or storage shelf.
    • Cantilever shelves make an eye-catching addition to a contemporary styled room.
    • More industrial in your tastes? How about re-using old warehouse racking?
    • Take some natural material like a small tree trunk as a centrepiece and radiate shelves in rough sawn wood from it.
    It’s not just books that you will need to find storage space for. What about all your CDs and DVDs? Modern living rooms can get cluttered with books and magazines, CDs and DVDs. And TVs can take up a lot of valuable space in the room. Make the TV the focal point of the room and build a series of units around it. Moveable stands with storage space are great or – if money is no object – why not develop a bespoke solution?

    If your space is open plan, use storage solutions to divide up the space into different areas.

    Alcoves give you ideal space to fill in with seamless floor to ceiling shelving. You could include cupboards with sliding doors to help tidy your stuff away, out of sight. You could also use an alcove to build in a home office, an ideal space for the kids to do their homework. Fit some flush doors to hide the open shelves from view when the space is not in use.

    Use every inch of space in your kitchen to maximise your storage. Use pull-out cupboards with shelves and racking or sliding doors on cupboards to make the most of the available space.
    Why not investigate multipurpose cubed storage solutions available from major modular furniture and DIY retailers?

    Hallways and utility rooms
    Halls and utility rooms often get cluttered up with boots, shoes and coats. Why not have a look at hooks, hangers and stands. Modular solutions will help to provide a space to tidy away all those boots and shoes.

    Stuck for storage space in the bedroom? Use the headboard as storage by building in drawers. In children’s rooms, use the space under the child’s bed to stow away toys and clothes. You can nestle pull-out boxes under bed spaces and use narrow shelving solutions to maximise space.

    Some of the things that will take up a lot of exterior space are your bins. There seems to be a bin for everything these days. Keep them together and out of sight with a bin store.

    Whatever you chose to do with your storage space, enjoy your new home!